Police:'Victims are getting younger, and the abuse is getting more violent'

      BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The state's top lawmen are asking for $2 million to combat what they call an epidemic of online child sex predators in Idaho.

      Detectives on those cases say some of the things they are shocked by what they find while investigating these cases. There are currently 5,000 leads on child sex predators, but due to their budget they can only take on about 100.

      The few investigators into these crimes only work on them part time. The Attorney Generals office would like the money to hire 14 full time detectives who's only job would be going after online predators. Those who currently look into the cases said the crimes are getting worse.

      "The victims are getting younger, and the abuse is getting more violent and more sadistic to these kids," said investigator Paul Jagosh.