Officials identify all 36 Wash. mudslide victims found so far

      OSO, Wash. - The Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office has identified all 36 bodies that have been found so far at the scene of the devastating mudslide that destroyed a riverside community at Oso.

      The latest identifications include a mystery man who didn't match anyone on the missing list. The medical examiner determined that he is Michael Pearson, 74, of Darrington. His body was recovered a week ago.

      Eight people are still missing after the slide.

      Gov. Jay Inslee planned to visit the Oso mudslide Friday afternoon and make stops in Arlington and Darrington. His office says he'll spend time with elementary school children and thank first responders.

      On Saturday it will be three weeks since the huge landslide traveled nearly a mile, crossing the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River to bury a residential area.

      The Federal Emergency Management Agency says more than 370 individuals or families have registered for assistance.

      A computer simulation of the slide by the U. S. Geological Survey shows it moved with surprising speed and spread out in the valley.

      The names of the 36 victims identified so far:

      Denver M. Harris, 14, of Arlington

      Mark J. Gustafson, 55, of Arlington

      Bonnie J. Gullikson, 91, of Arlington

      Michael W. Pearson, 74, of Darrington

      Larry J. Miller, 58, of Everett

      Brooke Spillers, 2, of Arlington

      Billy L. Spillers, 30, of Arlington

      Mary M. Satterlee, 61, of Arlington

      Jerry L. Halstead, 75, of Arlington

      Gloria J. Halstead, 67, of Arlington

      Jovon E. Mangual, 13, of Arlington

      Katie F. Ruthven, 34, of Arlington

      Delaney M. Webb, 19, of Arlington

      Thomas P. Durnell, 65, of Arlington

      Adam M. Farnes, 23

      Lon E. Slauson, 60, of Arlington

      Thom E. Satterlee, 65, of Arlington

      Brandy L. Ward, 58, of Arlington

      Gerald E. Logan, 63, of Arlington

      Sanoah Huestis, 4 months, of Arlington

      Judee S. Vandenburg, 64, of Arlington

      Amanda B. Lennick, 31, of Arlington

      Shelley L. Bellomo, 55, of Arlington

      Hunter Ruthven, 6, of Arlington

      Julie A. Farnes, 59, of Arlington

      Alan M. Bejvl, 21, of Arlington

      Leon J. Regelbrugge III, 49, of Arlington

      Joseph R. Miller, 47, of Arlington

      Summer R. Raffo, 36, of Arlington

      Lewis F. Vandenburg, 71, of Arlington

      Shane M. Ruthven, 41, of Arlington

      William E. Welsh, 66, of Arlington

      Kaylee B. Spillers, 5, of Arlington

      Linda L. McPherson, 69, of Arlington

      Stephen A. Neal, 55, of Darrington

      Christina A. Jefferds, 45, of Arlington

      All of the victims were killed by multiple blunt force injuries.