Is your mail late? USPS is struggling to drive in this snow

The snow build-up on the roads is making it difficult for all drivers. Postal workers are no exception.

USPS mail trucks definitely don't have four-wheel drive. Lately, postal workers in Nampa have had to put snow chains for their tires in order to deliver mail.

"Last Wednesday when that storm hit, when that big storm hit, I got stuck for two-and-a-half hours, a tow truck brought out chains, got me pulled out, and this is in a flat subdivision. And I threw that right chain seven more times that day," said Bret Helle, a 16-year USPS mail carrier veteran.

Lately, Helle says the roads slow him down so much, he can only deliver to half his regular route each day.

He has to get out of the car for most deliveries, because of snow build up in front of mailboxes.

"I try to get half the route done, the next day I do the other half of the route, most of my customers are understanding," Helle said.

During his entire career with USPS, Helle says snow has never delayed his deliveries in Nampa as much as it is now.

"It broke my heart to bring the mail back last week, really, because I felt like I was failing in a sense, but everyone was doing it, it was accepted, but you try to do your best," Helle said.

The Nampa Postmaster asks residents to be patient. USPS urges residents to keep the area in front of mailboxes clear of snow to help the carriers.

Residents who want to pick up their own mail can call the Nampa USPS carrier annex early in the morning to ask for their mail to be kept there.