Eight elk dead near Idaho Falls after eating poisonous plant

Eight elk outside Idaho Falls are dead after eating a deadly poisonous plant.

Idaho Fish and Game says the elk died after eating Japenese Yew, which is highly toxic even in very small amounts.

The plant seems to have targeted numerous large-game animals across the state during this historic winter. Last month, 50 antelope died after eating the plant near Payette. And, earlier in January, several elk died in the Boise Foothills from eating the plant. Idaho Fish and Game says the elk that perished were likely impacted by the Henry's Creek Fire east of Idaho Falls, which destroyed much of the elk's normal winter feeding grounds.

"...These elk that died from eating the Japanese Yew were in very good body condition and not starving," Fish and Game said.

Officials have asked homeowners to clear the plant if it's growing on their property. (See A Photo)