Commercials capture attention of locals watching Super Bowl

      BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Locals watching the Super Bowl also paid attention to the commercials that bring in millions of dollars from advertisers.

      One favorite involved two friends, a puppy and a horse, in a minute-long Budweiser commercial.

      "It has the concept of the dog running after the bud, which is the horse, and I just like it because it's a fun, animal-friendly, cute commercial," said Shelby Johnson, a Seahawks fan.

      A luxury car ad captured one Boise resident's attention.

      "(It) made me want to go out and try some new cars. The Maserati looks really nice," said Anna-Marie Rhodes.

      Tommy Miller of Boise said he saw a lot of "forgettable" commercials, but with ads of all types, many came away with a few memorable moments from Super Bowl XLVIII.