As soon as you jump in a pool, you're at risk of getting sick

      BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Have your eyes ever started to sting or turn red while you were in a swimming pool? Well, that's not just the chlorine. It's caused from chlorine mixing with urine or sweat -- and it can make you pretty sick.

      That's why every year thousands of Americans get sick after jumping into a pool.

      The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found more than half of every pool water, 58 percent, contains E. Coli.

      So what can you do?

      -Make sure to shower off before getting in the pool
      -Avoid swallowing the water
      -Make sure to take a bathroom break about every hour.

      Here's who's most likely to catch a water illness:

      -Pregnant woman
      -Anyone with a weakened immune system

      But something else to keep in mind, the CDC says, everyone is at risk of getting sick as soon as they get into the pool.