Parents rally to save Sunny Ridge

NAMPA, Idaho -Parents were handed a letter friday from Nampa Superintendent Tom Michaelson. It says he is going to recommend the district close Sunny Ridge Elementary.

Parents and students held a rally Saturday afternoon at the school. Katie Case has three kids at Sunny Ridge. She says the possibility of losing their school is upsetting.

"Friday afternoon we kind of all just sat here and cried together then the wheels started turning. We cant just stop now, we have to fight some how," said Case.

Parents say they don't think the school district has taken into account the effect closing the school will have on students, staff and the neighborhood.

"I actually live pretty close, actually chose the location of our house due to the proximity of the school," said Shauna Petersen.

Her 5th grade daughter also attended the rally.

"I thought that when I am in middle school that I'll be able to come to school and walk my brother home but I won't be able to do that if they close the school down," said Brianna Petersen.

The parents say they will attend Monday night's school board meeting, that's when the recommendation will be made.

"Bottom line is we are not going to go down without a fight. This school and the kids and teachers are worth it. So we will do what we can do," said Petersen.